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Par : Christele
Publié : 14 janvier 2010

Mais qui sont-ils ? But who are they ?

Me présenter ?

Introducing myself ?

BMP - 16.8 ko

Hello !
I’m Christèle Hamard and I was born in Saint Brieuc, in July and the summer was very nice on that year in Brittany. I have been teaching English for some years now... "Time goes by so slowly" Madonna says, I don’t agree with her ! What about me ? I love English of course but I also enjoy listening to music, especially Rock and pop music but I am also keen on reading and I adore seeing my friends. I used to draw but unfortunately I can’t find the time these days so I had to stop a few years ago...Never Mind as some people say...
I deeply hope you will enjoy doing these activities which were created by myself or the pupils of Montfort !
Bye for now and have fun !
Miss Hamard