What do you hate doing at home? chores.avi

Ecoutez et complétez les blancs

Aiste: Hello, this is Aiste and Christophe for elllo.org. I'm from Lithuania and Christophe is from . And our question now is ... what chores do you hate doing? So, Christophe, what chores are very unpleasant for you?
Christophe: I doing dishes. I doing dishes.

Aiste: Really, I didn't know that. Well, as about me, I don't like washing . I think that takes a lot of and the windows get bad dirty anytime after it and of course I like very and windows but washing them is really .

Christophe: That's why I do it for you.

Aiste: Well, it seems we have to allocate our tasks next time.

Christophe: So I wash the windows and you do the dishes.

Aiste: Not always. Dishes is .

Christophe: OK, we have a then.

Aiste: Yep.