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Good afternoon, .
My name is Helen and I am 15 years old. I am in . I was born on July 4th in Montfort in . I am French and I speak English and . I am very good at English and my is excellent!
I am from Talensac which is a small . I live in a big house with a swimming pool with my family.
There are five people in my family: my parents, my brother and my sister. My mother is very nice and she is a good , I love her crèpes. My dad is a plumber and he always works hard. I with Laura my big sister because she always tells jokes and she is very , she always makes me laugh. But, I my little brother Tom because he is always following me and he always comes to my . He is really annoying! What a pain!

, I'm going to talk about what I like in life. I love going to the beach and seeing my or talking to them on the phone. I don't like doing my but I have to.
At I'm interested in Maths, science and PE because it's fun.
my personality, I am generous, well I think so, I am quite helpful because I often help at home or my friends when they need me and I am sociable too.
I think that's it.
Do you have any questions?