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Hey, Nobu my mate! You here in this street ! I had told you we would meet when I came to Japan but it's so strange ! In your last letter you were telling me you do a lot of sports in a dojo. Can you tell me anything about what you do in a dojo?
Yes of course! It's so nice to see you. Well, I go to dojo, which means gym or sports center in English pretty much every day after school. I practice boxing and kickboxing for one hour or less. And I practice jujistsu, which is ground fighting, and grappling for two hours or so with my friend Joe. And after that, I kind of do weights, lift weights for thirty minutes or so I kind of stay at the gym for 4 hours, 4 1/2 hours or so.
Sounds pretty intense. Sounds like you spend a long time there every day.
Can you teach me how to kickbox or do anything to protect myself because
sometimes I think I need a little self-defense.
Yes, I can teach you anything, Dave. Any martial arts that I know.
You can come to my gym.
Sounds good.
And we start practicing at about six or so.
Am I gonna train for four hours?
No you can leave whenever you want.
One hour, two hours, anything.
Are you going to start easy with me?
Yes. I'm gonna go easy on you.
Alright then let's go!