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Mary Higgins Clark was born on December 24th 1927 in the Bronx in New York. She is a writer of suspense novels. Each of her twenty-four suspense novels has been a bestseller in the United States and various European countries.

Clark began writing at an early age. After several years working as a secretary and copy editor, Clark spent a year as a stewardess for Pan-American airlines before leaving her job to marry and start a family. She supplemented the family's income (1) by writing short stories.
After her husband Warren Clark died from a heart attack in 1959, Clark worked for many years writing four-minute radio scripts, until her agent convinced her to try writing novels. Her debut novel, a fictionalized account of the life of George Washington, did not sell well, and she decided to write mystery novels. Her suspense novels became very popular, and as of 2007 her books have sold more than 80 million copies in the United States alone.
Her work dwells primarily on a central theme: the psychological trauma endured and overcome by her strong female characters. Her heroines are strong and independent and they must solve their problems with their own courage and independence. Readers sometimes think « this could have happened to me or to my daughter. »
Clark is known as the "Queen of Suspense". She is the mother of author Caron Higgins Clark.
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(1) income: the amount of money you earn, salary, revenue