New York city

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object: you won't believe this!

Hi Paula, what's up?
You won't believe this! surpris-yeux-crie.gifBob , you know the other day I told you he was the funniest and the nicest guy in my neighborhood. Well, he has won a trip to New York on the radio! And guess what! He has invited me0016.gif! I'm so excited! I'm going to New York next week! I can't wait. I really hope to go to the Statue of Liberty. Maybe we will visit it, maybe we will go to the Empire State Building. I'd also like to see Ground Zero , you know where the Twin Towers used to be. Maybe we will take a walk in Central Park like the people in "Friends", the TV program. These days are going to be the best of my life! I'm sure!
I promise I will take a lot of pictures and I will show them to you when I'm back home. When I see you, I will tell you everything about it!
Lots of love, CU
Take care