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Tokyo: Pupils in face masks to protect against swine flu sit in on a parliamentary session

Photograph: Yuriko Nakao/Reuters

This is a taken by Yurito Nakao. It comes from the and more particularly from the Guardian which is a famous quality paper in . The scene takes place on a parliamentary session in which is one of the world's most populous .
The pupils are all sitting on benches in rows. They look , maybe they are 12 or 13 years old. They are not wearing a uniform but they are all wearing . On the first row, some pupils are looking at the . On the other rows, some children look and others look or sleepy. One of them is even sleeping on the table but above him some children are reading. another girl has her eyes closed. On the third row, one girl is probably yawning.
On the right, there is a policeman who is wearing a mask. He is wearing a uniform with a shirt, a tie, some black and leather shoes. He has his hands on his and he is looking sideways.
They have to protect themselves against the swine flu. They don't want to be infected the virus can cause death. It can be caught by coughing or sneezing and a certain number of people were infected in Mexico, Japan or the USA. People are perhaps afraid they protect themselves. But, in any case they have to wear them, they couldn't have attended this session without them.

voc: row=rangée, above=au dessus, leather=en cuir, cough=tousser, sneeze=éternuer, attend=assister à, in any case=en tous les cas