Guess the animals

Ecrivez le nom des animaux.
It has got four legs. It can't fly. It lives all around the world, it has got different colors. It eats grass and cereals. It has got quite a long neck.It's a .

It can be grey and black. It has got four legs and quite a long tail. It has got big eyes and they can be green and blue or black for example. It lives worldwide. It can't fly and it hasn't got a beak. It is small and it is funny! It can meow.It is a .

It has got four legs, It can run. Sometimes, It climbs up its cage.It eats nuts and it lives in Peru. It is grey.It is a .

It has got six legs, It lives all around the world,It is dangerous,it has got 4 eyes, it hasn't got any colors. It is a .

It's big. It is pink. It lives throughout the world. It's has got a small tail.It's a .